Otter Creek Services

Otter Creek Stucco & Plaster uses superior quality hardcoat products in all of our applications. The coating is then customized with the texture and color of your choice. For interiors, we create an authentic texture that only troweled-on plaster can achieve.

      • Exterior Stucco
      • Stucco Repair/Renovation
      • Interior Plaster: New or Repair
      • Stone Veneer: Natural & Cultured Stone

Otter Creek will transform your home into something truly special with handcrafted stucco siding —designed to protect your investment and maintain curb appeal.

Our stucco applications go beyond what is offered by most other companies because we want your stucco to look beautiful and remain maintenance free for the life of your home.

We start with a consultation at the site —with the homeowner or contractor— to identify areas where stucco may be vulnerable to water penetration or structural inadequacies. We then address those areas before the project begins. Next, we incorporate product manufacturer’s guidelines, local building code requirements and over a decade of installation experience to provide you with a stucco system designed for your needs.

When stucco fails, the problem can result in more than just a cracked, brittle or stained surface. Damaged stucco that is allowing water intrusion can adversely affect the actual structure of your home over time.

If that is the case, we first identify the cause of the problem and develop a solution before the repair phase ever begins. Our goal is a permanent repair and not a quick cover up.

Unsightly faded or stained stucco can be resurfaced to look new again. If the integrity of the original stucco is good, we spray/backroll an acrylic-based color coat designed to adhere to stucco and seal any hairline cracks which may have formed over time. Old stucco with advanced damage receives a new, thin base coat embedded with a flexible mesh. Then, the surface is ready to receive a new finish coat for a total revitalization.

Whether you are creating a specific style throughout your entire home —or just want to give new life to an old brick fireplace— hand-trowelled plaster has a unique look that stands alone.  We will work with you to come up with the style, texture and color you want and will always provide a sample for approval prior to starting any project.

We can apply traditional and synthetic-based decorative plasters to a variety of substrates, including plaster board, concrete walls, painted drywall, brick and old damaged plaster. We also repair damaged plaster to restore it to its original beauty.

We install a wide variety of natural and cultured stone veneers inside or outside the home. Stone options can bring new life to an outdated brick fireplace or provide a perfect complement to your exterior stucco.